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20 Fun Facts About Spine! 2022

Fun Facts About Spine: The Central Nervous System includes the spinal cord, which is a complex arrangement of nerves (CNS). It is housed in the spinal column and plays a crucial role in bodily function. Although the spinal cord is well-known for its role in movement and body support, there are many additional characteristics of the spinal cord that may surprise you. Let’s know more about Fun Facts About Spine.

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The spine is our body’s backbone. It provides strength, support, foundation, and flexibility to our bodies. It is undeniably a complicated, clever, and fascinating structure!

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Structure of the Spinal Cord

The human spine is made up of well-balanced bones and tissues that fulfil a variety of functions. The spinal column is made up of 33 interconnected stacked bones. The vertebrae are the bones that are separated into five regions:

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Cervical –

The cervical vertebrae are the seven movable vertebrae in the neck.

The thoracic vertebrae are a group of 12 movable vertebrae in the centre of the back.

The lumbar spine is made up of five movable vertebrae in the lower back.

The sacrum is a group of five fused vertebrae in the pelvic region. Let’s know more about Fun Facts About Spine.

Coccyx –

the tailbone is made up of four fused vertebrae in the upper buttocks area.

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Here are 20 amazing facts about the spine, which may surprise you!

1. Our spines are made up of 33 separate vertebrae when we are born.

2. As we get older, this number fluctuates, with some of these vertebrae fusing together. 3. Our spines are divided into three sections: the neck, the middle back, and the lower back.

4. The cervical spine – our necks – has seven vertebrae in both giraffes and humans.

5. Your thoracic spine (middle back) contains 12 vertebrae.

6. Your lumbar spine (lower back) has five vertebrae.

7. About 10% of the population has six lumbar vertebrae rather than five.

The Atlas is the name of the first bone in the neck. This is a reference to the Greek legendary Atlas, who was tasked with bearing the “weight of the universe” on his shoulders (much like the neck supports and carries the weight of the head)

9. The spine is supported by over 120 muscles, over 100 joints, and over 200 ligaments! That’s a lot of information!

10. Water makes up the majority of the discs between each vertebra!

The spine is very intriguing, but although its intricacy fascinates us, it’s also one of the reasons it can be a backache!

11. First thing in the morning, we’re taller! This is because variations in disc pressure impact the cartilage and the length of the spine.

12. Did you know that the spine is so flexible that it can practically create a circle if we bend it around?

13. The cartilage (discs) that divide one vertebrae from the next make up a quarter of the overall length of the spine 14. As we get older, we become shorter! As we age, cartilage degrades, causing us to shrink in height.

15. Aside from the common cold, back discomfort is the most prevalent cause for a doctor’s appointment everywhere on the planet!

16. The spinal cord contains 13.5 million neurons (or nerve cells) and weighs just 35 grammes!

17. The spine may bend forwards, backwards, side bend, and twist in four different ways.

18. Back pain affects approximately 90% of the population, making it nearly certain that we will suffer from it at some point in our life!

19. The spine is extremely strong and durable, able to withstand hundreds of pounds of weight and strain!

20. The spine remembers everything! From an early age, it is suggested that we take care of our backs. Healthy spinal habits such as correct support, excellent posture, strengthening, and frequent stretching should be encouraged from an early age!

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