October 2021

Sciatica Surgery

Sciatica Surgery 2022

When leg pain and/or weakness persists or worsens after multiple non-surgical sciatica therapies have been attempted, surgery for sciatica is typically considered. Surgery may be regarded as a first choice in a few circumstances. Let’s Know About Sciatica Surgery. Surgical intervention is used as a first resort in the following situations: Cauda equina syndrome— A …

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Sciatica Causes

Sciatica Causes 2022

Sciatica Causes: Sciatica is an indication of a more serious medical problem. 1 Understanding the causes of sciatica might help you focus your treatment on solving the problem rather than concealing the symptoms. Sciatic nerve damage can occur as a consequence of direct nerve compression, inflammation, an aberrant immune system response, or a combination of …

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Know About Sciatica

Everything You Should Know About Sciatica 2022

Know About Sciatica: The term “sciatica” refers to leg nerve discomfort caused by irritation and/or compression of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is a condition that begins in the lower back, extends deep into the buttocks, and continues down the leg. What Does Sciatica Feel Like? Symptoms of sciatica are most commonly observed along the path …

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