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Women with Epilepsy: Lead a Normal Life with Proper Epilepsy Treatment.

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Epilepsy is sometimes misunderstood as an incurable condition.

Epilepsy is frequently misunderstood as an incurable disease in which the sufferer is unable to live a normal life. Contrary to popular belief, epilepsy can be managed and a normal life can be lived with adequate treatment.

To demonstrate this, let us learn more about epilepsy. Lets Know more about Epilepsy Treatment.


What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological illness marked by the development of irregular waves in the brain that result in recurring seizures. During an epileptic seizure, the patient experiences tremors, falls to the ground, clenches his teeth, and passes out for a short time.

What are the situations that can trigger an epilepsy attack?

Types of epilepsy

Even though epilepsy can strike anyone at any time, there are few circumstances that can increase the likelihood of an attack. Extreme stress, a lack of medication, insufficient sleep, hormonal changes, heavy alcohol use, low blood sugar or blood pressure, and rapid exposure to very bright light are only a few examples. Lets Know more about Epilepsy Treatment.

What are the symptoms of epilepsy?

Symptoms of epilepsy include blackness in front of the eyes, transient bewilderment, a staring spell, mouth foaming, uncontrolled jerking of limbs and legs, rapid loss of consciousness, frequent pacing, biting lips or tongue, and so on. Lets Know more about Epilepsy Treatment.

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Causes of epilepsy

Birth defects, genetics, brain infections, lack of oxygen to the brain, head injury, harm in the womb, stroke, brain tumour, brain tuberculosis, and other factors may all contribute to epilepsy. Lets Know more about Epilepsy Treatment.

What are the types of epilepsy?

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Epilepsy can be classified into three or four groups:

• Generalized Epilepsy: 

In this type of epilepsy, the epileptic activity spreads throughout the brain, rendering the patient comatose.

• Partial (focal) Epilepsy: 

Partial seizures affect one side of the brain and can be simple or complicated, causing symptoms in the afflicted area. Lets Know more about Epilepsy Treatment.

• Absence Seizures: 

These are brief periods of unconsciousness during which the patient stares into space.

• Complex Partial Seizures:

 Because complex partial seizures disrupt a person’s awareness, the patient usually forgets about the seizure.

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Epilepsy diagnosis

Epilepsy is diagnosed with a detailed medical history, physical examination, and investigations such as an electroencephalogram (EEG), a CT or MRI of the brain, and blood testing. All of these information aid in determining the potential cause of seizures, such as a tumour, infection, or blood clot, and planning treatment appropriately. Lets Know more about Epilepsy Treatment.

Treatment of epilepsy


 Anti-seizure drugs are generally successful in managing or preventing seizure activity. However, finding the proper prescription and dosage may take some time, as what works for one patient may not work for another.


The goal of surgery is to address the underlying cause of epilepsy. For example, if a brain tumour is the reason, it is surgically removed. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) may be required in some circumstances if the origin of the seizure is unclear or if it is occurring from multiple locations. In order to avoid seizures, neurostimulators are implanted into the brain. Lets Know more about Epilepsy Treatment.


Can a woman suffering from epilepsy conceive?

A woman who has been seizure-free for at least two years is eligible to become pregnant. Because some epilepsy medications are not recommended during pregnancy, you should consult a neurologist before changing your medication and advise your gynaecologist and doctor about your epilepsy and medications. Also, if you have a seizure while pregnant, contact your gynaecologist and neurologist as soon as possible.

Possibility of normal life after medication

Patients with epilepsy can live a normal life if they take the right medicine. Some individuals may only take medication for a few years, while others may require it for the rest of their lives. A 50 percent incidence of recurrence follows the first episode of epilepsy, whereas a second attack increases the risk to 75 percent. KLM Group do the best Epilepsy Treatment In Gwalior.

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