Foot pain caused by a spinal problem

Foot pain caused by a spinal problem?

A number of spinal nerves go from your lower spine down your legs and into your feet. When the nerve roots (the portion of the nerve that leaves the spine) of some spinal nerves become irritated or compressed, it can cause foot discomfort. Foot soreness can occur if a nerve near your hip, knee, or foot is compressed. Let’s know more about Foot pain caused by a spinal problem.

This blog gives a list of typical causes of foot pain as well as useful hints to assist you figure out what’s causing your discomfort.

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Foot pain caused by a spinal problem

Sciatica pain can spread down your leg and into your foot due to nerve root irritation or compression in the lumbar or sacral spine (lower back). 1 Compression of the S1 nerve root, commonly known as typical sciatica, causes discomfort on the outer side of the foot. Let’s know more about Foot pain caused by a spinal problem.

A variety of factors can cause nerve roots to be crushed or inflamed. Here are a few examples:

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• Lumbar herniated disc: An intervertebral disc’s inner contents leak out.

• Lumbar degenerative disc disease: The narrowing and shrinking of the disc as a result of ageing.

• Spondylolisthesis: When a vertebra slips over the one below it, it is called a spondylolisthesis.

• Lumbar spinal stenosis: A narrowing of the bone apertures that allow spinal nerves and/or the spinal cord to pass through.

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Foot drop is a problem that causes difficulty to raise the front half of your foot or frequent stumbling when walking. Compression of the L5 nerve root is the most common cause of this disease. Foot drop can also be caused by compression of the L4 and/or S1 nerve roots. Let’s know more about Foot pain caused by a spinal problem.

Compression of nerves in the hip, knee, or leg causes foot discomfort.

Nerve compression or injury along the route of nerves in the hip, knee, or leg can cause foot discomfort. Consider the following scenario:


• When you try to move your foot, peroneal neuropathy, a disease in which the peroneal nerve is constricted or damaged around the knee, can produce foot discomfort and foot drop.

• Sciatic neuropathy, or injury to the sciatic nerve in the pelvic area (hip), can result in foot discomfort and weakness along the top of your foot.

• Tarsal tunnel syndrome, or tibial nerve dysfunction within the tarsal tunnel of the inner ankle, can produce a sharp, shooting pain in the ankle and down the sole of the foot.

 • Sural nerve entrapment can happen in the leg or at the ankle, causing shooting pain on the outside of the ankle and/or foot.

A corn may form on the skin around your toes as well. Corns form as a result of excessive friction and can compress adjacent nerves, resulting in discomfort and other symptoms. Morton’s neuroma, which is a thickening of the tissue around a nerve in the foot, is another probable cause of nerve discomfort in the foot. Let’s know more about Foot pain caused by a spinal problem.

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How to identify the source of your foot pain

It might be difficult to determine the specific underlying cause of nerve pain in the foot because there are so many possibilities. Here are a few clues to assist you figure out what’s causing your foot pain:

• Foot discomfort that occurs after a recent injury to the lower back, hip, knee, or ankle might suggest nerve damage.

• Nerve root compression or sciatica can cause foot discomfort as well as other symptoms including pain, numbness, and/or weakness in the buttock, thigh, and leg; and it usually affects one leg at a time.

• Foot discomfort caused by tight boots or shoes might be a sign of peroneal or sural nerve compression at the knee or ankle.

• Foot discomfort following a hip injection or surgery might be a sign of sciatic neuropathy.


Nerve damage from systemic diseases like diabetes or multiple sclerosis can also cause nerve discomfort in the foot.

Foot discomfort can be caused by twisting, bending, or a direct blow to the ankle and/or foot, which can harm the foot bones, ankle joint, blood vessels, muscles, and/or tendons.

Schedule a visit with your doctor

It’s essential to make an appointment with your doctor to get a proper diagnosis of your foot discomfort. Treatments for foot pain vary greatly, and they must focus on addressing the underlying cause rather than simply concealing the symptoms. A herniated disc in the lower back, for example, may require heat therapy and exercise, but a corn on the toe may usually be treated with specific shoes and warm water.

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