Which Osteoporosis Daily Injection Is Better

Which Osteoporosis Daily Injection Is Better?

Which Osteoporosis Daily Injection Is Better: Fracture risk may be a life or death situation for those with frail bones. I’m Dr. Vipin Garg, a Gwalior-based member of the KLM Group. My mission is to assist people in achieving pain relief without the need of intrusive surgery or harmful narcotic medicines. Lets know more about Which Osteoporosis Daily Injection Is Better


Medical treatment can assist people with osteoporosis who are at high risk for vertebral fractures avoid future fractures. This is critical for the individual’s quality of life as well as survival. A new fracture can result in agonising discomfort, deterioration of function, and costly hospitalizations.

When seen from a societal perspective, it becomes even more critical. Fragility fractures with symptoms not only increase morbidity and death. They also put a strain on the healthcare system, resulting in more ER visits, hospitalizations, and operations. They also result in lost work days, since an increasing number of osteoporosis sufferers continue to work. The scope of this paper does not allow for a value comparison at the system level. Instead, let’s look at what influences my day-to-day medical osteoporosis therapy selections.

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What Is The Most Effective Medical Treatment For Osteoporosis?

Historically, pharmacologic therapy for osteoporosis aimed to prevent fractures in people who were at a higher risk of doing so. While this may seem ideal, many people do not receive treatment until they have a fracture. Patients who acquire a vertebral fragility fracture have a much higher risk of subsequent fractures. As a result, it’s vital to treat these individuals holistically in order to lower their risk of fracture in the future. Lets know more about Which Osteoporosis Daily Injection Is Better

For years, those of us who treat high-risk osteoporosis patients have advocated for the use of novel anabolic treatments. In the last several years, there have been two major shifts in this field. First, the FDA has authorised two new sophisticated medications, Tymlos and Evenity. Second, Forteo (teriparatide), the gold standard in anabolic treatment, has lost its patent.


For the sake of this post, I’d want to compare some recent data from Forteo and Tymlos to see which one I think we should utilise in clinical practise in 2019 and beyond.

Why Does This Matter?

The relative risk reduction (RRR) for fracture is one of the major numbers we consider when deciding on treatment for patients. In the ACTIVE study (Abaloparatide Comparator Trial In Vertebral Endpoints), for example, abaoloparatide (Tymlos) was demonstrated to lower vertebral fracture risk by 86 percent when compared to placebo. Another high-powered IV medicine, romosozumab (Evenity), on the other hand, only decreased fracture risk by 71%. That suggests Tylmos is 21% more effective than Evenity for preventing spinal fractures (15 percent absolute difference).

In comparison, evidence for the usual medication, oral bisphosphonates (OBPs) such Fosamax and Boniva, is available. Even the strongest evidence in the much-maligned ICER analysis indicated that OBP had clearly lower fracture reduction risks. According to data from the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), OBP medicines only lower the risk of hip fracture by 35% after 5 years of therapy. Lets know more about Which Osteoporosis Daily Injection Is Better

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The VERT-NA study (Vertebral Efficacy with Risedronate Therapy-North America) looked at the relative risk reduction (RRR) of residronate (Actonel) compared to placebo for vertebral fractures. The RRR for this OBP was only 65 percent in the first year, and it looks to be becoming worse with time (65 percent RRR in the first year, but only 41 percent when looking at the first 3 years of treatment).

Because 1) fragility fractures are linked with significant mortality risks and 2) individuals with vertebral fragility fractures have a nearly exponential rise in future fracture risk, it is critical to medically treat these patients to lower their risk. Lets know more about Which Osteoporosis Daily Injection Is Better

Remember that the majority of OBPs are given to asymptomatic patients to lower their fracture risk. After sustaining a fragility fracture, a patient’s risk has increased from theoretical to actual and high. At this time, it’s critical that therapy changes from preventative to active risk reduction.

A more recent comparison of Tymlos and Forteo was conducted.

Reginster et al. examined results in osteoporosis patients treated with the most potent anti-fracture drugs available. The research examined abaloparatide (Tymlos) and teriparatide, two anabolic agents (Forteo).

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The researchers examined data from the ACTIVE trial, which demonstrated that abaloparatide decreased the risk of fractures. They went a step further and merged the data with previous trials to determine the number required to treat (NNT) for new fractures in both Tymlos and Forteo, encompassing vertebral, non-vertebral (hip, wrist, etc.) as well as all symptomatic and severe osteoporotic fractures (MOP). Lets know more about Which Osteoporosis Daily Injection Is Better

The number required to treat, or NNT, is a new approach of assessing a therapy’s efficacy in lowering fracture risk. Table 1 shows the results of the ACTIVE experiment as an example. When we examine at the VCF row, we can see that the NNT for vertebral fractures for Tymlos and Forteo are 30 and 28, respectively. To avoid a vertebral fracture, you’ll need to treat 30 individuals with Tymlos and just 28 with Forteo.

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While Forteo outperforms Tymlos in terms of the number of patients needed to treat a spinal fracture, it falls short in terms of avoiding clinical VCF. The prevailing knowledge holds that two-thirds of all spinal fractures are non-clinical or’morphometric.’ That implies that almost two-thirds of vertebral fractures go unnoticed by doctors, either because the patient never felt the fracture or because it improved before they sought care. Lets know more about Which Osteoporosis Daily Injection Is Better

Tymlos appears to be better in reducing “major osteoporotic fracture” or MOP, which is a significant benefit. MOP refers to a significant osteoporosis-related fracture that required medical attention—a symptomatic vertebral fracture, or a fracture of the wrist, hip, or humerus. And for me, that’s a huge plus. Despite the fact that I mostly treat spinal fractures, it’s critical to treat patients to lower their total fracture risk.

When it comes to significant osteoporotic fractures, you’d have to treat 75 patients with Forteo to avoid just one, but only 34 with Tymlos.

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We usually use the drugs that give the highest fracture risk reduction in terms of RRR in the patients I treat who have experienced fragility fractures. That’s because it’s not an issue of IF, but WHEN another fracture will occur in these people. Forteo had been the RRR champion until Tymlos arrived. While Tymlos may not be as effective as Forteo in reducing painful vertebral fractures, the research suggests it is even better at RRR (reducing the risk of all vertebral fractures) and overall NNT (number required to treat) for large osteoporotic fractures.

Furthermore, with teriparatide becoming off-label and manufacturer backing dwindling, Forteo no longer appears to be a realistic alternative for many patients. That’s why I’ve shifted the bulk of my high-risk patients to Tymlos in my clinic.

Naturally, this debate is centered on high-risk individuals, such as those who have already experienced a fragility fracture or who have other medical factors that make them high-risk (such as medical conditions or long term use of certain medications).

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