The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery

The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery 2022

The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery: Back surgery that uses lasers is known as laser back surgery. Other forms of back surgery, such as standard back surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery, are not the same (MISS). Let us learn more about The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery.

Continue reading to discover more about laser back surgery, including its potential advantages and downsides, as well as other treatment alternatives.

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How is laser back surgery different?

Back surgery can take several forms, including the classic or open technique, MISS, and laser back surgery. We’ll look at what makes each approach unique in the sections below.


The surgeon creates a lengthy incision in the back during conventional back surgery. Then, in order to access the afflicted part of the spine, they pull muscles and other tissue away. This results in a lengthier healing time and the possibility of tissue injury.

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In comparison to standard surgery, MISS employs a smaller incision. A tubular retractor is a specific instrument that is used to construct a tiny tunnel in order to get access to the surgical site. During surgery, a variety of specialist instruments can be inserted into this tube.

MISS may result in less discomfort and a shorter recovery time since it is less intrusive.

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A laser is used to remove tissue from around the spinal cord and nerves of the back during laser back surgery. It may only be useful for very specific circumstances, such as when nerve compression is causing discomfort, as opposed to the other forms of back surgery.

Laser back surgery and MISS are frequently confused or considered to be the same procedure. MISS may, but does not usually, utilise lasers, which further complicates the situation.

Laser back surgery is uncommon, and there are few clinical trials that show it to be more effective than alternative options. Let’s find out more about The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery.

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Back pain — Pressure on one of your nerves is a common cause of back pain, especially discomfort that extends down one or both legs. A nerve can be impinged by a ruptured disc. Inside or outside the spinal canal, bone spurs, tumors, or irritated tendons can irritate spinal nerves.

When it’s appropriate, the spine specialists at The Spine Center at the Bone and Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge use a minimally invasive method at our Baton Rouge, Walker, and Prairieville, Louisiana clinics. If pressure on a nerve is causing your back discomfort, laser spine surgery may be able to help.

Are you wondering if laser spine surgery is right for you? Some of the advantages of employing highly concentrated laser energy to treat your back pain are listed below.


Laser spine surgery uses a small incision

If inflamed tendons or damaged discs are putting pressure on your nerves, laser spine surgery might help you avoid the extended operating and recuperation times that come with traditional, open surgery. To access your spine during open surgery, your surgeons must cut through muscle layers.

Laser surgery, on the other hand, requires only one minor incision. After that, we may use specific instruments to gently separate muscles so they don’t have to be sewn back together after the procedure. Let’s learn more about The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery.

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  • A miniature camera and a laser are inserted into the incision, allowing us to see a magnified, real-time version of the operative area on a monitor. We employ the laser and related instruments through the same tiny incision to:
  • Shrink bulging disc material
  • Remove excess, bulging disc material
  • Dislodge and remove obstructions, such as bone spurs
  • Remove tumors or other growths
  • Remove or pare down enlarged tendons

If you have a herniated disc, we may need to do both laser endoscopic discectomy and percutaneous laser discoplasty (i.e., reducing the size of the ruptured disc).

Laser spine surgery takes less time

Laser spine surgery is quicker than open surgery since it generally only requires one incision and does not involve cutting through muscle. It takes around an hour.

However, your total stay at our facility will be extended by a few hours due to preparation and recovery time for your procedure. We want to make sure you’ve healed properly from your surgery, so we may keep an eye on you for many hours thereafter. Let’s learn more about The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery.

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You don’t need general anesthesia

Traditional surgery necessitates that you stay asleep during the procedure under general anaesthetic. It is for this reason that these treatments are carried out in a hospital. You won’t have to stay overnight because laser spine surgery is frequently done as an outpatient procedure.

Only a local anaesthetic is required for laser spine surgery to relieve discomfort. If you’re nervous about the surgery, we’ll give you a sedative to help you relax and stay calm. You’ll still feel tired afterward, so make arrangements ahead of time to have someone drive you home.

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Laser spine surgery has a quick recovery

  • Traditional spine surgery may necessitate a hospital stay of several days. You can go home the same day as your treatment with laser spine surgery.
  • Rather than spending 4-6 weeks off work and typical activities, as well as up to a year of recuperation time, as is the case with more intrusive surgery, you gradually return to your normal routine. The following is a typical timeline:
  • Day 2: Return to driving, and start physical therapy (PT)
  • Week 2: Return to easy activities and non-stressful work
  • Weeks 4-6: Gradual return to normal activities

Of course, you’ll need to keep doing your PT exercises to keep your back and core muscles strong. A strong core helps to support your spine and prevents back discomfort from recurring.

Laser spine surgery is less traumatic

Surgical operations have an impact on your whole body, not just the part that has to be operated on. Laser spine surgery, on the other hand, reduces the amount of trauma. Even less blood is lost during laser surgery than during open surgery. Let’s learn more about The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery.

The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery
The Benefits of Laser Spine Surgery

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