Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery

Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery

When the cervical illness extends beyond the disc space, the spine surgeon may suggest removing the vertebral body as well as the disc spaces on each end of the canal to totally decompress it.

A cervical corpectomy is commonly used to treat multi-level cervical stenosis with spinal cord compression caused by the formation of bone spurs (osteophytes). Let’s know more about Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery.

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What Occurs in Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Surgery?

The general procedure for anterior cervical corpectomy surgery is as follows:

• The procedure is identical to a discectomy (anterior approach), with the exception that a bigger and more vertical incision in the neck is frequently made to allow for more widespread exposure. A discectomy is then performed at each end of the vertebral body that will be removed by the spine surgeon (e.g. C4-C5 and C5-C6 to remove the C5 vertebral body). It is possible to remove more than one vertebral body.

• The posterior longitudinal ligament is frequently removed to get access to the cervical canal and guarantee that the pressure on the spinal cord and/or nerve roots is completely relieved. Let’s know more about Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery.


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• After that, the defect must be repaired using an appropriate fusion technique.

Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Risks and Complications

A corpectomy is a more complex spine surgery to conduct technically. The risks and effects of this procedure for cervical spinal stenosis are similar to those of a discectomy: Let’s know more about Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery.

• Damage to the nerve roots

• Spinal cord damage

• Bleeding

• Infection

• Graft dislodgment

 • Damage to the trachea/esophagus

 • Ongoing pain

However, because a corpectomy is a more invasive treatment than a discectomy, the risks are statistically higher, particularly in terms of neurologic complications, bone grafting, and bleeding. Let’s know more about Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery.

Compromise of the spinal cord, which can result in complete or partial quadriplegia, is the issue that spine surgeons are most concerned about. Remember that corpectomy operations are most commonly conducted in the presence of substantial spinal cord abnormalities, which puts the cord at a higher risk of complications during surgery, regardless of the expertise and refinement with which the treatment is performed. Let’s know more about Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery.


Somatosensory Evoked Potentials are used to evaluate spinal cord function after surgery to assist control this risk (SSEPs). SSEPs generate a modest electrical impulse in the arms/legs, measure the brain’s response, and record the time it takes for the signal to reach the brain. Any significant slowing in the passage of time could suggest a problem with the spinal cord.

There’s also a chance that while removing the vertebral body, the vertebral artery that runs along the side of the spine will be harmed, resulting in a stroke and/or life-threatening haemorrhage. This risk will be greater in some cases of tumour excision or spinal infections. Let’s know more about Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery.


Strut Graft to Achieve a Spinal Fusion

After a corpectomy, the surgeon must mechanically fix the lesion and use a spine fusion to guarantee long-term spine stability. A strut graft is a small piece of bone (1-2 inches) that supports the anterior vertebral column and is put into the trough formed by the corpectomy(ies). The graft, which might be allograft or autograft, is frequently followed by anterior instrumentation to keep the construct together. Let’s know more about Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery.

As an alternative to strut grafts, ‘cages’ constructed of titanium or other synthetic materials could be used. These cages are often utilised in conjunction with bone graft morsels, which are typically collected from the patient once the vertebrae are removed. A additional poster fusion and instrumentation may be recommended to assist support the spine if multiple levels are fused. Let’s know more about Anterior Cervical Corpectomy Spine Surgery.

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