neck is interfering with your balance

My neck isn’t hurting, so how is it interfering with my balance?

“My neck isn’t aching, so why is it impacting my balance?” is a typical query from patients sent to a spinal specialist for balance and coordination issues.

This is a frequently asked subject, which we will cover in this month’s email. The recent usage of a cane or other assistance walking aid is a typical problem. Clumsiness with the hands, dropping items, sudden changes in penmanship, or fine motor dysfunction are all possible indications. All of these symptoms might be caused by a disorder known as cervical myelopathy. Cervical myelopathy is described as spinal cord compression that causes a variety of functional problems. Lets find how Your neck is interfering with your balance.

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You may have previously received treatment for your problem. You may have worked with a physical therapist or an occupational therapist to improve your balance or hand issues. “How is my spinal cord being compressed?” would be the next query. This answer can be established by a thorough examination of your condition, which may include a plain film x-ray, CT scan, or MRI of the cervical spine.

Spinal stenosis (spinal canal narrowing) caused by bone spurs or other arthritic alterations.

Spinal stenosis is caused by herniated discs squeezing the spinal cord. The discs are unique cushions that sit between your spine’s bones.

Spinal stenosis is caused by a narrow spinal canal from birth.

neck is interfering with your balance
neck is interfering with your balance

It is critical that imaging is examined with a spine expert and that a thorough physical exam is undertaken. Contact and make an appointment with one of our Spine Center doctors now to help identify the level of dysfunction and develop a correct therapy plan for your issue.

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